“Red sky at night – shepherd’s delight”.  Before the Real Halloween 2018. It hurled it down shortly afterwards. The following day was lovely.

Please come prepared for any weather.  Rain, wind or shine.  we all know that Britain’s weather is getting more extreme and unpredictable and we have had storms, hot sunshine, hail, drought and torrential rain at The Real Halloween.  Come prepared.

It is an outdoors event although the woods provide some shelter from prevailing winds.  Most of the Workshops and Drop-ins are in tents or marquees, and we also make use of the on-site huts for the King and Queen, and Storytelling.  The Performance Tent and the pub and Cafe in the Roundhouse also provide good rain shelters (or shade as needed).  So many of the key elements of the event are indoors and it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the day despite rain – if you are well dressed and prepared.

In the event of really extreme weather such as high winds causing structural damage, we will have to cancel the event but this is of course something we try to avoid. 

A Medieval tent as used for Workshops.

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