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two crew

If you have been to any of our events before you may have noticed that not all of our activities appear every time. One reason for this is that we need more volunteers and trained crew to run them.  But we also need lots of help organizing, fund-raising, giving some TLC to our kit like tents and props, moving stuff about, collecting natural treasure (and jam jars, cans …) and loads of other stuff.

If you’d like to volunteer please email Sarah Wise. We need all sorts of help including fundraising and regular help at our stores, as well as help at events.  Event volunteers also get to camp at the Fairy Fair or The Real Halloween if they wish.

faiary fair crew photo 2016

The Fairy Fair crew in 2016

We also need a constant supply of wood products such as rods, poles and wands from coppice, and straight twigs of native species of tree for our workshops, as well as collecting acorns, beech-mast and pine cones and other squirreling.  If you can help, please let us know.

You may also have read about the wonderful work that our fundraising volunteers do making cakes to raise money for the Fairy Meadow Fund and other activities.  To get involved please look at our News Blog and making Cakes for Fairy Meadows page on Facebook.  Email  Vicky Eyles  to help with making or selling cakes.



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