Rubbish! Take it home please

please help the Rubbish Fairies to recycle

please help the Rubbish Fairies to recycle

After we picked up 28 large black sacks of rubbish at one Fairy Fair, all of it generated by visitors, we introduced a ‘no rubbish’ policy*.  Thanks to your help at subsequent events, this has worked really well.  Thank you !

Our zero- rubbish policy means there are no rubbish bins for landfill.  So if you bring wrappers, bags or other ‘rubbish’ with you, you will need to take it home.  The only exception is nappies, which can only be disposed of at the Baby Change.

Instead we have marked recycling bins which can only take:

  • Clean paper, card, bottles and cans
  • Dirty paper plates and cups
  • Waste food (unwrapped)

These Recycling Points are stewarded.  We thank you for helping the Rubbish Fairies.

no rubbish thank you

Please do not bring any glass onto the site.  Thank you

*Of course rubbish costs us a lot of money to pick, sort and dispose of adding to the costs of the event.  Much of it was too contaminated to recycle.  We also have to empty and hand-sort all our recycling bins as some people place non-recyclable rubbish in them.


Please do not browse or graze on the food waste or dirty plates even if they are tasty

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