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The mission behind the Fairy Fair and The Real Halloween is to introduce children to nature, and so help improve their lives now and in the future.  That is what the Fairyland Trust exists for as a charity.

(Read more about why we do what we do in this blog and here. )

So however entertaining the events are,  please appreciate that we are a charity and really do operate ‘on a shoestring’ with no financial backing apart from that of our lovely Supporters and the ticket price on the day.  So you’re helping just by coming along.   We keep the ticket price as low as possible to make it  as affordable as possible to as many people as we can.  But in turn that means if we do not sell-out, and the food and craft stalls and fundraising activities do not do so well, we risk losing money which would be a very bad thing.  So please shop, eat, drink and take part in activities like the Photo Booth which help us raise funds.

An element of the ticket price also goes to our Fairy Meadow Fund, which aims to buy dull land and use it to recreate wildflower meadows for playing in nature and picnics.

Our way of reaching children and families is to create real life experiences such as the Workshops, which we can send out to places around the country, and to put on our own events.  To do that we have to buy and maintain equipment, train our crew and look after our volunteers, rent stores for our kit and hire sites for the event, as well as paying for loos, first aid cover, insurance, risk assessments and a lot of other services including some professional performers.

We don’t have any grants or sponsorship. That’s one reason why you don’t see commercial branding on our signs and materials at The Real Halloween or The Fairy Fair.

If you like what we do please tell your friends, and become a Supporter.  Of course you can also volunteer.

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