Hire Witches Owls

A 45 minute bookable Workshop, no under 3’s

This workshop also works as a drop in, lasting for 2 1/2 hours

owl witches messengers

Many  people know that Witches and Wizards chose owls as messengers but few know why.  In this workshop they learn about two very special native owls, and make a bouncing owl to take away and play with.

What each child and adult will experience

Two owls

Children can choose to make a Long Eared Owl (below) or a Little Owl (above left), and are given a suitable pine or fir cone to start with.

In the 45 minute bookable version children hear the  story of how three witches came to choose Owls as their carriers of secret messages.

In both versions of this workshop, children are shown how to make their own owl by adding feathers, felt and googly eyes to a cone. 

Long Eared Owl smallerLittle Owl smaller

Long-Eared Owl and Little Owl

Each participant learns how to identify each owl, where they like to live, and other natural history.

owl in tree

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