Hire Wildlife Hospital

Timed sessions, sign up on the day, no under 3’s


A deer receiving TLC in Wildlife Hospital

This is  a play activity with a wildlife learning outcome.  It runs like  a Drop-in but in timed sessions

Children are able to  play in our unique “field hospital”  and help  “ cure”  a range of sick cuddly wildlife and other magical creatures often found in Fairyland, before feeding and putting them to  bed.   The Fairyland Trust Wildlife Hospital comes complete with supervised dispensary, dressing up clothes, first aid play equipment, play food and beautifully made appropriate beds (i.e. habitats).


Badgers being given dinner in their Sett


Diagnosis is a serious business


A Unicorn being made better

What each child and adult will experience

Our vets are highly trained.  It takes years.

Children blindly select their magical creature as they wait for the start. The Fairyland vets arrive with a stretcher full of creatures and the children don their overalls and are handed their animal to look after. They then decide (with help if needed from the Vets) what is wrong with their creature and can then borrow bandages, splints, sick bowls and  pills  to “cure” them. Once treated correctly the rest area is revealed with specific delicious food for each creature to choose from before being placed safely into their real beds, be in a nest, a burrow or a wildflower meadow.

Post-operative foxes in their Earth, coming round from the anaesthetic

Every child receives a sticker and a colour post card of the creature they cared for before singing goodnight to their animal.

Gently educational: teaching children to care for wildlife and also where they live and what they eat. Highly silly too.


The Wildlife Hospital Dispensary.  Many magical cures.


Suitable for 3 to 8 yr olds.

Staffed by 3 trained Fairyland vets this Hospital can run for a maximum of  6 session/ day.

Play sessions last 30- 40 minutes and can accommodate 20 children plus an adult at one time, thereby potentially reaching 240 people/ day ( child + adult).


A 20 x 30 ft marquee.

Cost £522 + mileage + VAT


Copyright: please note that all our Workshops  are the intellectual property of the Fairyland Trust Charity no 1089771.   They were researched, created and improved with lots of often voluntary effort by our crew, and the donations of our Supporters.  So please don’t copy them but do help us, or hire us.

Many thanks !

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