Hire Magic Wands

A 45 minute bookable Workshop, no under 3’s


Magic Wands is our ‘signature’ workshop and readily recognized by children and adults as about nature and magical folklore.


We use simple versions of the rich folk traditions associated with the powers of trees in Anglo Saxon and Celtic culture. For example, Hawthorn for Happiness or Ash for Knowledge or perhaps Hazel for Wisdom ?


What each child and adult will experience

Children choose their wand wood through spinning a wheel of the seasons and using their noses to scent the leaves.


A story is told of Flint the boy from the Dark Ages who  learned the secret of how to make Magic Wands using the special powers of native trees in order to help his village.  They are then shown how to  decorate their wand with wool, feathers and leaves before finally adding a touch of fairy dust (glitter).

magic wand

Each participant will learn about eight native trees, their folklore and natural history and how to recognize them in the woods.

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Copyright: please note that all our Workshops are the intellectual property of the Fairyland Trust Charity no 1089771.   They were researched, created and improved with lots of often voluntary effort by our crew, and the donations of our Supporters.  So please don’t copy them but do help us, or hire us.

Many thanks !


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