Hire Magic Animal Shields

A 45 minute bookable Workshop, no under 3’s

Magic Animal Shields explores the ‘super powers’, that is the extreme senses or capabilities of real native British wild animals.   The workshop involves harnessing  these ‘powers’ to make a spectacular decorated shield.


We have found that the completed shield is taken away to  to defend the tent, bedroom  or  home from  forces of darkness, as well as from the influence of relatives.


What each child and adult will experience

By blindly selecting a secret parchment, a special Animal Spirit is assigned to each child. They hear the story of how a young wizard named Raven called upon wild  forest animals to  help create the first Magical Animal  Shield in order to protect the forest.


Each child is given a  circular “ parchment” depicting four beautiful native creatures and  a willow withy frame. They are taught how to assemble them into a shield before decorating it with the track of their animal, and  totems of each the animals depicted.


The session ends with a short lesson in defence against dark powers and spells.

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Each participant learns to identify a Barn Owl, Hare, Stoat and Badger, their track marks, their special ‘super power’ and other natural history.

Copyright: please note that all our Workshops  are the intellectual property of the Fairyland Trust Charity no 1089771.   They were researched, created and improved with lots of often voluntary effort by our crew, and the donations of our Supporters.  So please don’t copy them but do help us, or hire us.

Many thanks !

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