Hire Fairy Flowers

A drop-in Workshop with costumed characters, no under 3’s



The vast majority of authentic British fairy folklore is linked to our native wildflowers. In this workshop children learn these stories  and how to identify wildflowers by making a  wearable paper version of one. The aim is to inspire children and parents to grow some  wildflowers at home in order to encourage  bees, butterflies, other insects and maybe a fairy or two.

Modern research has shown the growing importance of gardens as a wildlife sanctuary away from intensive agricultural chemicals.


Small person meets the Flower Fairies Violet, Bluebell and Red Clover

What each child and adult will experience


Cornflower and Poppy, two Flower Fairies

A beautiful  costumed Flower Fairy will lead them into the workshop where they can choose to make  one of three wildflowers  ( using crepe paper and a pipe cleaner ). They are given the materials to do this and a set of step by step photographic instructions to follow, plus a little card of their special flower with its folklore, natural history and where to plant them at home.

We offer four  versions of this Workshop

Dandelions, Red Clover and Daisy (suitable for sunny  Fairy Lawns)

Poppy, Buttercup and Ox eye Daisy ( suitable for sunny Flower beds)

Cornflower, Field Scabious, Knapweed (  suitable for sunny Flower Beds)

Primrose, Violet and Red Campion ( suitable for shady Flower Beds)

Copyright: please note that all our Workshops and  are the intellectual property of the Fairyland Trust Charity no 1089771.   They were researched, created and improved with lots of often voluntary effort by our crew, and the donations of our Supporters.  So please don’t copy them but do help us, or hire us.

Many thanks !

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