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Did you know you can hire our magical nature-based workshops and characters for your event ?


Our workshops can help you attract new audiences, adding the magic of nature to almost any location. We have run them in venues from woods to shopping centres and from stately homes to community fetes and theatres.  Since 2001 we have engaged with over 150,000 children, parents and carers, delighted a generation of boys and girls and won prizes and praise from reviewers and families.

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If you hire us, you’ll be helping parents and carers overcome a huge problem, which is that many children are so disconnected from nature these days that they are unfamiliar with even ‘common’ plants and wildlife, and so cannot fully enjoy and care for nature.  All our workshops are designed to involve families, so parents and carers discover more too.


Our surveys and other research show that over 85% of parents agree it ‘is is vital’ to introduce young children to nature.  Yet a University study found that children could identify more Pokémon characters than native British wildlife.   Many youngsters cannot identify an oak leaf, bee, red admiral or magpie.


Above: a Drop-In Style Workshop making Fairy Flowers.  In so doing, children and families learn how to tell native flowers apart and something of their natural history and folklore.

We supply unique beautifully decorated workshops that teach families about British nature, through stories, folklore, theatre and art.  We use traditional fairy folklore as that has been the way children  learned about nature for thousands of years.


Each workshop comes with costumed  trained crew, props and materials and is covered by £5 million public liability insurance.

You can also hire one of our beautiful medieval tents as shelter or provide your own if you wish.


Medieval Tents (left) being prepared for workshops

Every workshop has a specific nature learning outcome. These include learning about native trees and how to identify them and being able to tell the difference between different wildflowers and native insects, but they all do so through children making something special to take home. This significantly increases the effectiveness of learning.

Our workshops are designed for children aged three to eight years old, ( but many older children enjoy them too), with one adult attending.  (We do not function as a creche).

Currently we offer two main formats: Fairy Fair Style Workshops which are designed to be bookable, and Drop-In Format Workshops.



If you hire a bookable type Workshop it is important everyone starts on time

Read more about the Bookable Workshops you can hire: Magic Wands, Fairy Crowns, Magic Animal Shields, Witches Owls and Christmas Fairy.

Read about costs and requirements for bookable workshops.

The other Workshops currently available for hire are Drop In Format Workshops.



Making real bugs (here Green Dock Leaf beetle bracelets) with a giant bug (Ladybird) in a drop in workshop.

bees in line

If you hire a  drop-in type Workshop people can usually join at any time but may have to wait.  This may be fine if you have other nearby attractions.

Read more about the Drop-In Workshops you can hire: Fairy Flowers, Bug Bling, Bouncing Bees

Read about costs and requirements for Drop- In Workshops


Gnomes Q

We are a charity but we don’t have funding to send out our Magical Workshops  for free.  We do try to keep the costs as low as possible to reach as many children as possible without losing the quality.

Copyright: please note that all our Workshops are the intellectual property of the Fairyland Trust Charity no 1089771.   They were researched, created and improved with lots of often voluntary effort by our crew, and the donations of our Supporters.  So please don’t copy them but do help us, or hire us.

Many thanks !

Contact: Sarah Wise at the Fairyland Trust 01328 710165 to discuss your needs or ideas and to obtain an estimate but please read the relevant pages first (see links on the right of this page).


[please note that Shields is not currently available – sorry]

Download a pdf brochure about hiring our Workshops



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