Hire Fairy Flowers


A fairy’s favourite flower is a wildflower and we know that families love them too.

They follow step by step instructions to make their own wildflower from craft materials which they can wear or display.   They are given handout cards detailing the natural history and fairy folklore of each flower that they have made.

We have many different wildflowers to choose from and can recommend which ones might suit your event best.


This workshop runs as a drop in where participants join in when a space becomes available.

We will need an 8m2 clear space that you provide.

We can run two sessions of 2.5 hours with a break midway to change the species.

We can each approximately 100 children and 100 adults per 2.5 hour session (200 / day).

Needs 3 costumed crew, one of whom  stands outside ( dressed as a Wildflower Fairy)   to attract participants or queue mind when busy.

Estimated cost:  £475/day plus travel costs

To discuss bringing Fairy Flowers  to your event and for a specific quote please call Sarah on 01328 710165 or email sarah@fairylandtrust.org.

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