Hire Fairy Crowns

Fairy Crowns were traditionally worn to celebrate the comings and goings of the seasons. Festival and event goers love to wear them.

We explain the ancient celebrations on a Wheel of the Year and lead participants to make their own crown from willow withies, live native tree leaves and tissue paper copies of seasonal wildflowers.

Every native tree we use or wildflower we refer to has some ancient fairy folklore associated with it which we explain alongside interesting natural history facts.

On leaving, everyone is given a post card calendar depicting the seasonal celebrations and corresponding wildflowers, plus a packet of wildflower seeds so that they can grow their own Fairy Crown at home.


Fairy Crowns can only be run as a bookable workshop in one of our beautiful medieval tents or an 8m2 space that you provide.

We can run 4 of these 45 minute sessions for 25 children per session, reaching 100 children and 100 adults/ day.

Native tree leaves need to be gathered from hedgerows the night before, so access must be granted on and off site if we are staying for more than one day, or preferably permission granted to collect native leaves from the site itself.

Estimated cost:  £420/day plus travel costs and optional tent hire (£150).

To discuss bringing Fairy Crowns to your event and for a specific quote please call Sarah on 01328 710165 or email sarah@fairylandtrust.org

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