Grand Finale with the Fairy King & Queen

At the end of the Fair all magical creatures, characters, entertainers and visitors are invited to join the Fairy King and Queen.  Their Majesties will process from their tent to the Stage on the Main Lawn. 

Feel free to join them in the procession on the way, or assemble in front of the stage.  They will pause to inspect Watering Cans near the stage.  The Queen will address the crowd and invite the Head Fairy Gardener to give the official Fairyland ‘State of Nature‘ report. The Queen will bless the Watering Cans and give closing remarks before the procession resumes to The Gates and the Fair closes.  So be sure to bring your Watering Cans and if they are not blinged already, visit Bling Your Watering Can during the Fair.  

2016: people waiting for the King and Queen to emerge from their tent (at Sennowe Park).

The King and Queen emerge

The Head Fairy Gardener and the Queen with Watering Cans

The Fairy King pauses to visit Fairy Houses

Queen Bee and Flower Fairies in attendance

Passing by the Great Watering Can on the maypole: symbol of the nature-reviving power of Fairy Gardening. 

The Royal Elf Guard marches out to escort the King and Queen

Passing through the crowd

Watering Cans and other magical items presented for inspection

The Salute

The King and Queen take to the stage

The Queen blesses the Watering Cans

The Head Fairy Gardener delivers her State of Nature report

Good news and bad news

The King and Queen confer.  The Queen asks the Head Fairy Gardener to rally the Fairy Gardeners to act.  The HFG rouses the crowd

The traditional shout goes up:  “We Are Fairy Gardeners”

The Queen gives her best wishes to the Fairy Gardeners

Up goes goes the cry “to the gates!”  Everyone takes up their Watering Cans and prepares to go home and plant more wildflowers.

Don’t forget to say goodbye

A good moment for a photo

And of course, be sure to take your wildflower seeds



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