Fairy Training



Meet the Fairy Trainers and learn how to look like a fairy, which flowers the fairies like the most and how to look after them.  

This is quite an active Workshop.  It includes a brief flying lesson and some dancing is involved.  

Plus all Fairy Trainees will be able to make a blue Cornflower to take home 

cornflower make 1DSC_0229



Fairy Trainees also get to take home their own free pack of wildflower seeds to plant, grow, care for and attract bees and other insects, and of course, to delight the fairies.

 This workshop lasts 45 minutes and will start on time so please don’t be late. Adults must accompany all children under 6, but no more than one adult per child. No under 3’s are allowed into these workshops, so please prepare for this before booking.


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