Dressing Up For the Fair

The Fairy Fair is all about nature in spring so many people use leaves and flowers to add to summer outfits.

DSCN4772oak fairy under tree of messages

There is no dress code as such but “fairyland” and “magical” are often good ideas, while some favour medieval, pirate, English Summer Cool,  body-art, floral, Green Man, Lost Boys (and Girls) or ‘wildlife’ ….

A superb ensemble at the 2016 Fairy fair

Please don’t wear masks as many young children find covered faces quite frightening and you might ruin their day out.


This year we will again be big on wildflowers.  Bees of course go well with wildflowers.


eb1bees in lineff061

Ideas from Lithuania

A few years ago one of us worked with the Baltic Environmental Forum in Lithuania and then some of their members helped at a Fairy Fair.  They were inspired to run a similar event back home (see more here) and as nature folklore is still a really live thing in Lithuania, they arte pretty good at dressing up!  Here are a few photos from their ‘Spells of the Forest’ event.

Might give you some ideas! Also lots of good use of non-glitter face paint.


Have a look at Poppy’s new dressing up video …

Dressing Up For Fairy Fair

Dressing Up for Fairy Fair – there are some fabulous looks here!

Posted by Fairyland Trust on Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Here are more styles from a previous Fair … a bit of face paint doesn’t go amiss.


ff352ff335ff303ff087hat calvin


ff266dad and toddler16fair12


We recognize that many people already have existing costumes made from polyester or other plastic but encourage you to put together any new outfits from natural fibres like cotton and wool, or cellulose alternatives like Tencel and Lyocell, and not buy any new plastic.  An affordable option is often to visit a charity shop and re-use existing clothes.

Everyone is free to enter our no-new plastic Fancy Dress Competition which has adult and children’s categories but we’ll be especially looking out for home-made outfits which don’t use plastic. (Plastic fibres include polyester, nylon,acrylic, lycra and elastane).



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