Elf Training

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Hide like an Elf … Spy on nature with your very own secret Elfascope … Learn how to sneak silently through the undergrowth …  Get Elf-Trained.   


Learn the secret ways of Elves and develop your tracking skills


Join the Elf Trainers who will show you how to look, talk and walk like an Elf.








You will also make your very own Elfscope in order to see the world around you as Elves do. 



Practicing with an Elfascope

Upon completion all Elflings will receive a personal certificate.  Free camouflage.


Note: this workshop is activity rather than making-based. 

This workshop lasts 45 minutes and will start on time so please don’t be late. Adults must accompany all children under 6, but no more than one adult per child. No under 3’s are allowed into these workshops, so please prepare for this before booking.


Slide30Slide9Slide17Elf training 1 2013

Two Elf Trainers in forest green.

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