Courtyard Farm Cowslips

Want to see thousand upon thousand of cowslips ? Here’s a great place to do so right now and in the next week or two before they set seed: Courtyard Farm, Ringstead, Norfolk.  We visited today, with the farmer, Peter Melchett, a long-standing friend of the Fairyland Trust. Peter Melchett,…

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Love and Wildflowers

Valentine’s Day is upon us and thoughts turn to love and in a month (on 16 March) tickets for the Fairy Fair go on sale… so spring is springing. Actually May Day is the real fairy love time: the whole of May, kicking-off with May Day and Beltane, was traditionally…

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How to see Fairies (Part One)

Spring is coming soon and Primroses will be one of the first signs of it. The name ‘primrose’ comes from the latin prima rosa or ‘first flower’, and they start coming out in February, providing important nectar for early bumblebees. It’s said that if you look over the petals of…

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