Witch Training

Bookable Workshop.

Saturday sessions start at 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm.  Sunday sessions start at 12 pm, 1pm, 2 pm and 3 pm.  £4 per child.  Sorry – no under-3’s. Book online, in advance, to avoid disappointment.  Each session lasts 45 minutes and starts with a magical story.


What it does it really take to be a witch ?


Learn about witches’ favourite herbs, some useful witch spells, and their least favourite animals.  Includes brief flying lesson and some cackling.  You also get to mix a potion in a cauldron, and make a basic witch purse for your herb collection.

witch training 3

Witches meeting in a circle


Above and below: the witch way of dealing with cats IMG_8447

Discover how to make cats about 33% less damaging to wildlife

three cats

Now, which one of you … ?

trainee witches

Flying practice (Step 1)

witch training 8

witch training 9

Something has happened to this witch’s nose

witch training 18

Certificate of witch training

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