Woodland (Rainbow) Trail

Girl on the Halloween woodland trail

Follow the Rainbow Scarves on trees (start opposite the loos in the woods – see map) to  explore the Woods and discover the magical folklore and natural history of trees along the way.  Look  out for the 900 year-old chestnut and the ancient oaks.  Self-guided and free.

oak sign trail

There are also many other native trees such as birch, hawthorn and ash.

birch bark dersinghamchestnut coppice

birch trunk (l) and the ancient sweet chestnut coppice (r)


Woodpeckers, deer, owls, foxes, hedgehogs, wood mice and badgers visit the woodlands and there are several species of bats.  Other birds include nuthatch, tree-creeper, goldcrest, and buzzards.



In the autumn you may also find various fungi growing on the woodland floor or on dead and decaying wood.  All sorts of creatures eat these or use them for shelter.  They play a vital part in keeping the woods alive by recycling nutrients the trees depend on, so please leave them in place but take a close look to see what you can find.  Thank you !

pointy fungi

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