By becoming a Supporter, you are doing something special for children, something vital for nature, something magical and unique for families.  More than 80% of adults agree that it “is vital to introduce young children to nature” but for one reason or another, few of them do so.  The Fairyland Trust helps parents and carers to achieve this.

Trolls at Bradmoor Woods, The Real Halloween 2018

Without our Supporters there simply would be no Fairyland Trust.  Children wouldn’t be enchanted by nature at our events, like the Fairy Fair and The Real Halloween.  Parents wouldn’t be able to look forward to an ‘amazing’ day out, the ‘Organic Disney’ as one dad put it, where the magic, trees, plants and wildlife are real, with experiences you simply can’t get online.  Grand parents wouldn’t see the new generation starting a lifelong journey of re-connection with nature.  This is our cause and we’d love you to be part of it.

serious wand scowslip wishes

83% of parents agree ‘it is vital to introduce young children to nature’ but too often the opportunity never seems to arise.  That’s the difference you help us make if you become a Supporter.

boy with bat card

We’re re-creating opportunities which arose naturally for earlier generations who lived close to nature.  Sadly very few of us have that luxury today.  In the modern world, our events need to be able to compete with commercial attractions to attract an audience.  They are not cheap to create but we try to keep them affordable.  This means without the donations from Supporters, we literally could not operate, let alone reach out to more families and run more events, as we’d love to.  Nor to research new Workshops and activities, train our Leaders or create new stories.  With enough Supporters all that is possible, and more.

Supporters can access our Supporters Newsletter which has exclusive how-to guides for nature craft-makes linked to the season, for you and your children to do at home. It also contains articles on What’s Out Now in nature and gardens, as well as Latest News about our activities.

A display of examples of ‘makes’ from seasonal Supporter newsletters, such as magic wings, bluebells with bells (legend has it that the fairies ring bluebells to summon each other to parties), a spring hare of Norfolk reeds with decorated eggs (the ahre was the original symbol of spring – not the ‘Easter Bunnie’ which is recent invention), a bouncing bat (Daubenton’s) and a lantern decorated with native tree leaves.

The Fairy King and Queen at a special thank-you tea party for Supporters, Real Halloween 2018

Please join today.  You can do it here, with the form below. Please use Gift Aid if you are a  taxpayer as it increases the value of your contribution to us.

Thank You so much.


[Please note that we are using a Charities Aid Foundation system which does not allow us to change all the web-forms as we’d like.  It will ask if you want to be kept up to date by email (which we do) or phone or post (which we can’t do), so please ignore ‘phone’ and ‘post’].

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