REAL HALLOWEEN 2014 we hope you liked it

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Learning the ways of fire

The Fire Boys and fire students, discover the magic ... and try not to fry your fingers

Did you meet the wizards ?

The ways of corvids - yes ! Rooks, ravens, carrion crows and jackdaws too. Magical birds and not just for you

Creatures met here with humans

Were you on the parade ? See some pictures (more soon) at our photo page

Witch Trained ?

Maybe yes. Maybe not yet. Magical herbs and ways with cats ... If you didn't make it then there's next time


"Perfect non-plastic natural Halloween" - Project Wildthing @wearewildthing

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Did you enjoy the Real Halloween ?

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Witch Training - were you there ?

Bells on cats, magical herbs & previously unknown uses of sugar puffs ... Please become a Supporter so the training can continue

Did your Jam-Jar latern Go on the Parade ?

It was an experience ... now find out how you can help

Did you meet the Animals ? All real or did you imagine ?

Real raven, owl and others there to see ... and were they real ? The Parade of Lanterns ... discover more about why we do what we do

Real Halloween has passed - See You at the Fairy Fair ?

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Help us open your magical gateway to nature. Play games, make your own magic wand or witches messenger, eat, drink, dance, shop and explore. Meet friends. Make friends. Bring wellies. Next up - The Fairy Fair, May 2015. Join us and get a Free Ticket, advance booking and help us introduce more children to nature.
fox and toadstools